Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Loving Nature is Loving Yourself

            Nature is the phenomena of physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.  (Source: Google)

            As we know, nature gives us a lot of benefit. But, in this era there are a lot of natural damage phenomena that caused by people. That is why we have to care and maintain nature very well so that we can always get the benefit of nature and also, if we maintain the nature wisely, the nature will show us how beauty the nature is.

            There are a lot of things that we can do to preserve nature. I have do some things for nature, such as saving energy by turn off the lights whenever it is not required and reduce the using of plastic bag.

             I also have some great experience in caring the nature. When I was in Junior High School I joined an essay contest and I discussed about nature in my essay. I have been concerned about the river condition in my city. Many people took a bath, washed clothes, and threw garbage to the river and it absolutely made the condition of the river became worse. I also told that we could do another way to get clean water for example by using the water filter that made by coconut shell charcoal, river stone, sand, gravel, and thatch. To use it we just had to compile all the materials in the tub filter, then pour the wastewater to the tub so we could get clean water for washed clothes and dishes, took bath, and many more instead of washing in the river and pollute the river water.

            I also got another experience when I joined research team in my school and observed
the nature. I’ve learn that nature has gave us a lot of benefit. Nature is a place to get inspiration. When we are stress, nature is one of the best places to distract our discomfort. Nature restores our positive mood, psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness, and vitality. Natures also contain a lot of beauty that can relax us. But unfortunately, people acted like they do not recognize about all nature had give to them. They did illegal logging, they burned the forest, they hunted rare animals, and so many other things they did to ruin the nature’s beauty.

            Through this essay, I want to persuade people to care and love nature. There are so many simple things that we can do in order to care the nature. Throwing the garbage in the garbage can is one of the simple thing to care nature. And if you use public transportation or bike it means you have contribute to preserve the nature. By saving energy and planted tree it shows that you realize about the benefit of nature and want to keep nature’s benefit for humans in the next generation. And by persuade people to protect nature it tells the world that you care and love the nature.

            I hope that people will realize what nature had given to us . I hope people will love the nature like they love themselves. And I really love people will together love, care, and protect nature to make a better world.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Family Gathering

Yesterday, April 9th 2016, my school organization held final Dewa Athena and Paman Gober event. Dewa Athena was a sport competition for each class and Paman Gober was an event for the student to ride bike together and plant trees.

Unfortunately, I did not come to the event because I had to attend family gathering which was held by TNI-AU in Lembang. My Family and I went to Lembang at 09.30 AM. We arrived at Villa Air at 11.00 AM. The panorama there was very beautiful, I immediately took pictures and videos.
After that, my family and I went to the villa café. We waited for other family to eat lunch together. My brother and I was taking a walk around the café while we waited for other family. My brother and I talked in the relaxing place, sat on the green grass and under the blue sky. But my brother chose a very heavy topic, he talked about doomsday. It was not a nice topic to talk about in such relaxing condition right? Hahaha.

After we waited for some moments. We ate lunch in the café, we sat together, surrounded the round table. After we ate, there was a surprise for my uncle, because it was his birthday. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday to You” and clapped. Then, my uncle sliced the cake. I got my big slice of cake. It was delicious. Then, we entered the villa house at 2 PM. There were 3 families in 1 villa house. My room was on the 3rd floor. There were also some balconies. We could see the panorama from the balcony, it was really relaxing because I could see the field and mountains there.

At 4 PM all families gathered in one grass field. There, we played some games, it usually called ‘ice breaking’ games. We held hands and made a circle shape. It was really fun, we laughed together and tried to know each other better. Then, the instructor divided us in 4 groups. My brother and I were the member of the 3rd group. Each groups made the group slogans. 3rd group slogan sounded like this “3rd group, okay okay yes!” simple, and yeah, easy for everyone to memorize it.

After that, the groups played some games. The group who won the games would be given some price. The 3rd group got one umbrella.

At 6 PM, the game was over. We came back to the villa house to take a bath and prepared for the dinner. At 7 PM we went to café for the second time. I was quite surprised, because there was a karaoke machine in the café. Everyone sang together, but I read novel outside the cafe instead, I just wanted to be alone that night. But after read novel for about one hour, I went back to the café, because it was cold outside. When I entered the café, my uncle immediately forced me to sing a song, I didn’t want to sing that night because I got sore throat, but my uncle kept force me to sing, so I gave up and started to choose one song.

At 9.30 PM we went back to the villa house. Everyone was already sleeping when I still did my homework. At 11.30 I finally slept.

In the following day, after we had breakfast, at 8 AM we went back to Bandung. It was a nice Saturday!

My brother and I

Coffee Break
Ice Breaking Game

Morning View


Monday, 27 February 2017




























1. Hair imitation
2. synonym of peculiar
3. a brownish-crimson color
4. an act of pressing something with one's fingers
5. Short distance
6. truth or
7. Having the ability
8. Synonym of speed
9. Part of plant that connected roots and leaves the right shape and size for
11. Long, hollow cylinder, toothpaste container
12. ___ and chips
13. A set of aquipment
14. synonym of clue
15. ___ pineapple, apple ___

19. Sheep's hair


16. chewing ____
17. a flaky coating that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation
18. synonym of from
19. "don't go chasing _______" a song by TLC
20. Comfort____
21. antonym of low
22. the alternate rising and falling of the sea
24 square root of 36
25. a large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair
26. "__ of hearts" song by christinna perri

27. an intense feeling of deep affection

made by:
1. Rania Alifah
2. Sabrina Anindya Laksmi
27. an intense feeling of deep affection